Berkeley Life: Now Available Through Your Healthcare Practitioner

Berkeley Life was launched in 2017 with a mission to support consumers in their efforts to maintain healthy blood pressure levels through effective Nitric Oxide supplementation. The combination of a nitrate-rich formulation with a simple saliva diagnostic test strip was one that was unique in the heart health section of local pharmacies and offered real alternatives for consumers. 

Since launching our brand has been fortunate to have many loyal users who swear by the benefits, they have experienced taking Berkeley Life on a daily basis. 

Shortly after we first launched, in July 2017, Berkeley Life also launched our Practitioner-only line of Nitric Oxide supplements which was intended to be dispensed through healthcare practitioners. By working closely with practitioners focused on proactive and preventative medicine, our Team began to understand the true potential of effective Nitric Oxide supplementation and how our products could be put to maximum use when accompanied by the consultation of a qualified practitioner.  

For that reason, after five years on the market, Berkeley Life has made the decision to focus our business fully within the healthcare practitioner channel as we believe this is what will broaden the understanding of Nitric Oxide amongst the general public.  

Our Team appreciates every one of our loyal customers and wants to make it easy for you to stay with us through this transition. If you have been using the consumer Berkeley Life formulation up until now and are interested in continuing to see the benefits of our patented Nitric Oxide formulations, you have two options on how to move forward – 

  1. If you have a healthcare practitioner that is interested in recommending Berkeley Life, they can sign-up for a patient referral account here and you can access the products using their Unique Practitioner Code.
  2. You can call our Customer Service Team, and they will direct you to a healthcare practitioner in your locality that can offer the product. Tel: 844-512-0943 

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