Better blood flow begins

with Nitric Oxide

You are working hard to stay healthy — Nitric Oxide optimizes circulation, maximizing nutrient delivery and enhancing your lifestyle. Unlock your full potential for a vibrant, healthy life.

Maintain healthy inflammation levels

• Support beneficial immune response 

• Reduce inflammatory triggers 

• Enhance tissue repair processes

Support optimal brain function

• Enhance blood flow throughout the brain 

• Optimize oxygen and nutrient delivery   

• Promote attention, learning, and memory

Support healthy blood pressure

• Optimize systolic and diastolic blood pressure  

• Encourage ideal Nitric Oxide levels for circulation

• Experience a high-potency natural formulation 

Sustain energy levels

• Enhance blood flow throughout the body and brain 

• Fight fatigue and support mental and physical recovery  

• Feel a difference in your energy within a week

Each cell, organ, and system in your body relies on the life-giving oxygen and nutrients delivered through your blood.

Berkeley Life’s daily supplement provides a potent dose of dietary nitrates to sustain Nitric Oxide levels, supporting healthy blood flow throughout the day.

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Berkeley Life is safe, well-tolerated, and has no counter-indications for medications. As always, work with your provider to determine the appropriate combination of medicine and supplementation for you.

We recommend taking the Foundation supplement in the morning. Berkeley Life is generally well tolerated so users can choose to take it with or without food unless directed otherwise by their healthcare provider.  

Many users report feeling an increase of energy and focus after taking their first dose. More significant symptom improvement will be felt after weeks of continuous use – including sustained energy, healthy blood pressure, supported brain function, and healthy immune response.

Berkeley Life is very low oxalate and contains 0.7mg of oxalate per serving – equivalent to 1/10 of an almond, 1/25 of a spinach leaf or 1/10 oz of cooked beets. In exchange, you get 314mg of dietary nitrate for sustained blood flow support.

Absolutely! Berkeley Life helps to ensure you’re getting the nitrate content that may be missing from commercially-grown vegetables. The improved blood flow you’ll experience will help supplement your diet and enhance your healthy lifestyle.