New Logo, New Colors, New Packaging, Same Great Product

Friends and partners –

You may have noticed some bold new things about The Berkeley Life website and packaging recently. These colorful changes mark the start of a new chapter for our company – complete with a brand refresh. Berkeley Life Professional is delighted to announce that we have formally transitioned to “Berkeley Life” – a small but important change backed by a big vision for the years to come.

When Berkeley Life began its Nitric Oxide support line in 2017, we had a similar mission to the one we have now – to offer a foundation of total health for as many people as possible through a powerful, naturally-occurring molecule called Nitric Oxide. What we hadn’t anticipated was the overwhelming integration of Nitric Oxide that we would see in the practitioner community, from providers of all kinds focused on taking proactive measures to address the whole-body health of their patients. Growing closer to our healthcare provider audience helped Berkeley Life to make our first important strategic brand decision; in 2020, we dropped our consumer line of products to focus on distributing exclusively through the healthcare provider channel.

In 2020-2022, Berkeley Life continued to learn from our practitioners; about what adding value means in the way that we innovate, educate, and service those interested in working with Nitric Oxide, especially in a tumultuous global economy. As we matured, it became clear that we needed to update our brand to reflect what we were prepared to offer in our business relationships – not just product, but true partnership and Nitric Oxide expertise. In early 2022, we started an 8-month journey to codify our intentions in the way that our brand appears, feels, and communicates. Now, we are launching the first iterations of that new brand in Berkeley Life – Nitric Oxide Experts, focused on providing Nitric Oxide support exclusively through a trusted network of leading healthcare providers.

As we turn our eyes to 2023, I know you will be pleased with what you experience coming out of Berkeley Life – more access to Nitric Oxide expertise, improved patient support materials, protocol integration tips, product innovation, and business support. In Q1, our website will be updated to reveal a whole new experience that better supports interested patients and providers. For now, stay up to speed with new content through our current website, and look out for new packaging that you’ll be proud to carry on shelves.

Thank you to our Berkeley Life practitioner partners for your never-ending curiosity about the benefits of supporting Nitric Oxide. Your testimonials continue to reveal the difference Nitric Oxide integration makes in the lives of your patients. We appreciate you choosing us as your partner in this important work.

Have a safe and happy holiday season – we look forward to 2023.

In health,
John Halbert
CEO, Berkeley Life