Daily Foundation Kit 

Patient and provider favorites in a cost-effective bundle. 

Launch your Nitric Oxide support journey with Berkeley Life’s Daily Foundation Kit. This cost-effective bundle features our popular Nitric Oxide Test Strips and Nitric Oxide Foundation supplement for daily use to ensure convenience and consistency for your first month of Nitric Oxide support.    

  • Enables healthy blood flow 
  • Supports normal, healthy blood pressure  
  • Facilitates adequate sexual function 
  • Convenient daily testing 
  • Easy once-a-day supplementation  
Save 200% and never run out

Vitamin C, Thiamin, Vitamin B12, Magnesium, Potassium, Proprietary Blend (Potassium nitrate, beet root extract [25% betaine nitrate], organic fermented Beet Root powder, Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, Nu-Mag ® (Rice Extract Blend), Nu-Rice® (Rice Bran Extract), Nu-FLOW® (Rice Hulls). 

Use the Nitric Oxide Test Strips at any time to assess your Nitric Oxide levels. Do not consume anything 10 minutes prior to testing. Place the test strip “saliva here” side face-down on your tongue for 5 seconds. Fold the strip in half and gently press the two pads together. Separate and compare resulting color to Nitric Oxide test scale.  

Tests can be done before and after supplementing with the Foundation capsules. Take two capsules once a day, with water, after food, or as directed by your provider. Allow a minimum of 90 minutes after your Berkeley Life Foundation supplement before re-testing your Nitric Oxide levels. 

Reviews for Nitric Oxide Test Serum

Use your test strip and your provider’s guidance to determine titration of the product. Your provider will let you know if it is safe to increase your dose  – based on your size, diet, and metabolism.

We recommend testing once before supplementation to establish a baseline and again 90 minutes after supplementation to watch your body’s uptake of the formula. Plan on being sexually active in the evening? Test again to see where your level is!

Nitric Oxide is made naturally by the body in healthy quantities when we are younger. Over the age of 35, we need to be more mindful of our nutrient intake to ensure our body continue to produce it. People experiencing symptoms of low blood flow, or who are over the age of 35, are especially good candidates for Nitric Oxide support.

Loss of healthy blood flow can look and feel different in everyone. Many people report feeling a boost of energy and warmth – especially in hands and feet – the same day as taking the supplement. Over time, you can expect more full-body benefits.

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