Total Support Kit 

Contains: 1 box Foundation Supplement + 2 packs Prebiotic Gum + 10 Nitric Oxide Test Strips.

The most comprehensive Nitric Oxide Support bundle. Berkeley Life’s Nitric Oxide Total Support Kit is a robust protocol designed to support Nitric Oxide creation in the body, improving blood flow, oxygenation, and nutrient delivery. This kit combines the daily Nitric Oxide Foundation formula, the Nitric Oxide Test Strips, and NEW Prebiotic Nitrate Chewing Gum to support optimal Nitric Oxide production and a healthy oral microbiome.

  • Supports normal, healthy blood pressure levels. 
  • Enables healthy blood flow, oxygen and nutrient delivery. 
  • Supports oral microbiome balance for optimal Nitric Oxide creation. 
  • Balances saliva pH for healthy oral environment. 
  • Provides convenient daily testing and once-a-day supplementation.
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Foundation Ingredients: 
Vitamin C, Thiamin, Vitamin B12, Magnesium, Potassium, Proprietary Blend (Potassium nitrate, beetroot extract [25% betaine nitrate], organic fermented Beet Root powder, Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, Nu-Mag ® (Rice Extract Blend), Nu-Rice® (Rice Bran Extract), Nu-FLOW® (Rice Hulls). 

Gum Ingredients: 
Potassium Nitrate, Vitamin C, Zinc, Gum base, Sugar-free Blend (Sorbitol, Maltitol, Xylitol, Isomalt), Natural mint flavor blend, Vegetarian magnesium stearate, Stevia, Natural Silica, Vegetarian glycerin.

Test and support your Nitric Oxide level daily with the Nitric Oxide Foundation supplement and Nitric Oxide Test Strips, a salivary diagnostic strip. Do not consume anything 10 minutes before testing.  

You can take a test before and after supplementing with the Foundation capsules. Take two capsules once a day, with water, after food, or as directed by your provider. Allow at least 90 minutes after your Foundation supplement before re-testing your Nitric Oxide levels. 

To balance your oral microbiome, chew one piece of gum for 5-10 minutes twice daily for four days. The gum will bathe your oral cavity with prebiotics and support a Nitric Oxide-friendly microbiome.

Use your test strip and your provider’s guidance to determine the product’s titration. Based on your size, diet, and metabolism, your provider will let you know if it is safe to increase your dose.

The nitrates in the gum work as prebiotics to feed the Nitric Oxide-friendly microbiome in your mouth. As the gum breaks apart while chewing, your oral cavity is bathed in prebiotics, feeding the microbiome that helps create Nitric Oxide and balance your oral pH. 

Nitric Oxide is made naturally by the body in healthy quantities when we are younger. However, as we age, we need to be more mindful of our nutrient intake to ensure our body continues to produce it. People experiencing symptoms of low blood flow, or those who are over 35 are especially good candidates for Nitric Oxide support.

Loss of healthy blood flow can look and feel different in everyone. Many people report feeling a boost of energy and warmth — especially in their hands and feet — the same day as taking the supplement. Over time, you can expect more full-body benefits.

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