Stem Cells + Nitric Oxide = The Future of Medicine

We are constantly wearing ourselves out.

We, as humans, are regenerative beings. We frequently replace cells that are damaged or become dysfunctional, especially when we are young. We get new rods and cones in our retina every two days. The skin you are sitting in is only six weeks old. Your liver is eight weeks old. Your nervous system is eight months old.

The ability to regenerate cells and tissues is dependent upon the number of activity of our own resident stem cells and the production of nitric oxide that is the signal for those cells to mobilize and differentiate.

When we lose the ability to regenerate and repair, our body ages and we develop chronic disease. Aging and disease is therefore the consequences of the inability of these cells to do their job.

It makes perfect sense then that if we restore the function of our stem cells, our body will replace and repair dysfunctional cells and tissue and restore their function. In order for this to happen, we must understand why our own stem cells are not doing their job.

There are several sources of stem cells in our body. These cells are found in our bone marrow, fat cells and circulating in our blood. The older we get, the less of these cells we have in our bone marrow and circulating in our blood. This is one of the reasons we don’t heal as fast when we are older. For most people the older they get, the more fat they accumulate and thus this becomes a major reservoir for stem cells.


However, if the cells do not get the signal to mobilize and differentiate into specific cell types, then the cells cannot and do not do their job. This occurs primarily due to the loss of nitric oxide, the signal that tells our own stem cells to go out and repair.

The other is the accumulation of toxins in our fat that render our own stem cells dysfunctional. Since we have to rely on those cells from fat for our own endogenous stem cells as we get older, if we have toxins in our fat, then our cells become dysfunctional and do not work.

Most chemical toxins are stored in our fat. The only way to get rid of toxins in fat is to lose weight, mobilize the fat toxins, bind the toxins and then sweat them out. Below is the protocol for detoxifying toxins in your fat.

If your body cannot make nitric oxide, then the those important cells never get the signal to go repair and replace dysfunctional tissue. Therefore we must replete our body’s ability to make nitric oxide. There are simple steps to improve nitric oxide and stem cells:

  1. Use hyperbaric oxygen. Hyperbaric oxygen has been clinically shown to increase stem cells through nitric oxide. That is why hyperbaric oxygen treatment is so effective.
  2. Eat more green leafy vegetables enriched in nitrate.
  3. Stop using mouthwash and fluoride toothpaste that disrupt the nitric oxide producing bacteria in your mouth.
  4. Stop using antacids. We need stomach acid to make nitric oxide.
  5. Take a nitric oxide supplement — such as Berkeley Life Professional