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Greg McKettrick, RPh

Charlotte, NC

Dr. Marci Catallo-Madruga

Centennial, CO

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“Heart health, vascular health and dealing with excessive amounts of inflammation in the body have become a normal in nutrition medicine lately. In many of these cases it is an absolute must to support Nitric Oxide (NO) production as a pivotal part of the exercise, diet, nutritional and emotional plan. Berkeley has a great product that goes beyond the typical Arginine NO support.”

Dr. Kurt Waples, Bluestone Health Group, Stamford, CT

“Research confirms the importance of maintaining adequate Nitric oxide levels to ensure the health of every organ, system and tissue. We have made it a standard of practice to assess all clients with Berkeley Life’s reliable saliva test. Once taking the supplement, our patients have consistently experienced improvements – most often within the first ten days of supplementation. We love the Berkeley test strip, the supplements, and most importantly, helping our community experience optical health potential. Berkeley’s Life’s products are some of my clinic’s most recommended.”

Dr. Ann Doggett, Wholebody Solution, Boston, MA

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