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Transforming the Oral Microbiome – Berkeley Life Introduces Biome-Balancing Gum

Berkeley Life proudly introduces an innovative addition to our Nitric Oxide total support solutions – the Prebiotic Nitrate Chewing Gum, a groundbreaking advancement in optimizing the oral microbiome. As pioneers in oral care, we understand the critical role the oral microbiome plays not only in dental health but also in digestion, immune function, and pathogen defense.  

This product is not a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s tailored to meet the unique needs of specific patient profiles. Ideal candidates include 

  • Patients with a dysbiotic oral microbiome as a result of using mouthwash or fluoride toothpaste, oil pulling, or antimicrobial herbs  
  • Patients who have recently used antibiotics  
  • Patients interested in optimizing and sustaining the health of their oral microbiome and Nitric Oxide production  
  • Patients who smoke/vape.  
  • Patients who are not able to attain ‘target’ NO saliva test levels after taking BLP  
  • Patients who consume sugar and do not brush their teeth before sleeping  
  • Patents who want a more durable elevated saliva NO2 level 

Understanding Dysbiosis

Assessing biome dysbiosis is simplified with our saliva test strip. When the oral microbiome is out of balance, the strip remains light pink or white 90 minutes after nitrate consumption. Conversely, when the Nitric Oxide supporting biome is back in balance, an optimal test strip will display a bright pink to garnet red color.

Why Gum?

Crafted with precision, our Prebiotic Nitrate Chewing Gum is designed to be a game-changer in transforming oral health. We recognized a need for a solution that actively addresses dysbiosis in the oral microbiome. The key lies in our unique formulation, delivering 100mg of nitrate to engage with the oral microbiome, promoting Nitric Oxide production. 

The gum’s effectiveness lies in its unique format. Chewing a nitrate-rich source for 5-10 minutes provides extended interaction, or ‘hang time,’ for the pre-biotic nitrates with the oral biome. Achieving this prolonged interaction is challenging with regular food, as the chewing process rapidly breaks down the food. Furthermore, even a few bites of nitrate-rich food may not match the dietary nitrate content available in the gum. 

When used as directed, one pack of gum should be sufficient to rebalance the oral microbiome in most patients. Ensure the patient is also consuming enough dietary nitrates, through diet or supplementation, for continued support of oral and gut biome. 

Directions for use of the Prebiotic Nitrate Chewing Gum is simple yet impactful – chew one piece of gum for 5 minutes twice daily, ensuring you do not swallow.  

Crafting a Biome full of Benefits

In essence, Berkeley Life’s introduction of the Prebiotic Nitrate Chewing Gum marks a transformative leap in oral care, addressing the intricate nuances of the oral microbiome. This innovative product isn’t just about dental health; it’s a holistic approach, recognizing the broader impact on digestion, immune function, and pathogen defense. By unraveling the complexities of biome dysbiosis through our saliva test strip and catering to specific patient profiles, this gum becomes a personalized solution for practitioners seeking to optimize and sustain their patients’ oral microbiome and Nitric Oxide production. The importance of fostering a healthy oral microbiome cannot be overstated. It serves as a frontline defense against various health issues and plays a pivotal role in systemic well-being.