A Heart-Healthy Molecule

Nitric Oxide’s original claim to fame was for research done in the field of cardiovascular health. Today, heart health support is still one of the most popular applications of Nitric Oxide.

Nitric Oxide for the Heart

Age, lack of exercise and diet can cause buildup in our macro and microvasculature. This buildup narrows the pathway the blood takes to get throughout the body. Nitric Oxide is responsible for vasodilation – opening those pathways to allow blood, oxygen and nutrients to pass through more efficiently, making the work less hard on the heart. Dietary nitrates, available in foods like leafy greens, beetroot, or in supplements like Berkeley Life, can be used throughout your life to help your body create Nitric Oxide.

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A Foundation of Total Health

Nothing is more important than your heart. By easing the delivery of blood and oxygen throughout the body, Nitric Oxide supports a strong foundation of total health. Through improved circulation, additional nutrients added into the body benefit from improved delivery.

Support your Heart Every Day

Two capsules of Berkeley Life’s Nitric Oxide Foundation once a day provides an effective dose of dietary nitrate for sustained Nitric Oxide support throughout the day. Nitric Oxide test strips validate product efficacy after 90 minutes

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