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Support your body with Nitric Oxide supplements and build a foundation of total health.

Support your body with Nitric Oxide (NO) and build a foundation of total health.

Nitric Oxide Support

Berkeley Life Foundation

Nitric Oxide support supplement. Potent dietary nitrates proven to boost NO levels in two capsules.

Berkeley Test

Nitric Oxide indicator test strips.
Patented, non-invasive, saliva-based tests that show results in 15 seconds.


Prebiotic Nitrate Chewing Gum

Promote oral health with our chewing gum, favoring nitric-oxide supporting microbes over acids for a balanced microbiome.

Improve gut health

Results you can see

How can Nitric Oxide help me?

Nitric Oxide Supplements

Called the “miracle molecule,” NO plays a number of critical roles in the body – including supporting healthy circulation. Almost every physiological system in the body is affected by the influence of Nitric Oxide.

Nitric Oxide is closely linked to healthy blood pressure and energy levels — as well as cognitive health, hormonal health, gut health, sexual health, and more. Supplementing your diet with a measured, quality source of dietary nitrates is an easy and effective way to boost NO levels and support your overall health.

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Ready to say Yes to NO?

Take full-body health to the next level. Boost your body’s Nitric Oxide levels with Berkeley Life’s test and supplementation system, and enjoy better gut, brain, hormone and heart health!

If You Know, You NO

Nitric Oxide (NO) is naturally made in the human body and has a variety of critical responsibilities — but by age 40, NO levels have dropped by 50%, and will continue to drop as we age.

Find out how dietary nitrates — available in foods like beetroot and leafy greens, or in supplements like Berkeley Life — can help your body create adequate Nitric Oxide, support blood flow and oxygen delivery, and maintain healthy system functionality over time.

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