Results you can see

Supplements are a valuable part of a health journey, but sometimes it can be difficult to understand if and how they are working. Berkeley Life’s patented saliva test strips quickly assess Nitric Oxide levels to ensure both providers and patients are able to see and track results.

Test, Supplement, Test

The Berkeley Life test strip was the first-ever product in our line, as we understood the clinical value of having a tool that could give a rapid assessment of Nitric Oxide. Now, our Nitric Oxide Test Strip serves as a valuable education tool for providers and patients alike.

Start with a baseline test. In 15 seconds, you’ll get an accurate assessment of your Nitric Oxide levels. Supplement with Berkeley Life’s Foundation product, then test again in 90 minutes to see the difference on your strip.

15 seconds

Our saliva test strips show results fast.

90 minutes

See the difference when you retest after supplementation.

Once a Day

Support your Nitric Oxide levels every day.

Lifetime Wellness

Integrating Nitric Oxide support into your daily regimen helps support a foundation of total health as you age.

Comprehensive Nitric Oxide Support

Shop everything you need to adequately support Nitric Oxide, including test strips, Nitric Oxide support supplements, and more.