Results you can see

Using Nitric Oxide test strips every day allows you to closely track the health of your oral microbiome and your Nitric Oxide levels. Daily testing can help you quickly establish a baseline and track your improvements over time. Daily testing can be easily done and interpreted from home.

Test, Supplement, Test

Our daily Nitric Oxide levels are highly dependent on our diet, activity levels, stress, chemical exposure and more. Variability in our Nitric Oxide levels impacts the quality of blood flow and full-body health.

We recommend starting with a baseline test every morning upon waking. In 15 seconds, you’ll get an accurate assessment of your Nitric Oxide levels. Supplement with Berkeley Life’s Foundation product, then test again in 90 minutes to see the difference on your strip. We recommend testing again before physical activity and before bed to maximize ah activity.

15 seconds

Each test strip shows results fast and can be used easily at home

90 minutes

See the difference when you retest after a nitrate-rich meal or supplementation.

Twice a day

Establish Nitric Oxide levels and oral microbiome health at least every morning and after supplementation.

Lifetime Wellness

Integrating Nitric Oxide support into your daily regimen helps support a total body health and wellness at any age.

Total Nitric Oxide Support

Shop everything you need to adequately support Nitric Oxide, including test strips, Nitric Oxide support supplements, and more.