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There is no expected risk to taking Berkeley Life.  No serious adverse events have been reported in any of our preclinical or clinical trials to date using the Berkeley Life capsules or Nitric Oxide Serum.

Our general rule of thumb – if you are able to consume a leafy green salad, you can take Berkeley Life. Even patients with oxalate sensitivities are able to take Berkeley Life without issue.

The Berkeley Life product does not contain L-Arginine, and instead supports Nitric Oxide through dietary nitrates. L-Arginine creates Nitric Oxide through an enzymatic pathway that is often dysfunctioning – which means much of the L-Arginine going into the body will not be converted to Nitric Oxide.

Leafy greens, beetroot, arugula, spinach and celery are all vegetables known to be high in dietary nitrates. However, nutrient density of the soil across the country makes it difficult to predict exactly how much of these greens are required daily to provide a clinically effective dose of Nitric Oxide. In our experience, it requires more leafy greens than most people are willing to consume every day.

Like all supplements, everyone will feel a difference at different speeds. We have some patients who notice a difference right away, and some see benefits after using the product for about a month. However, you can validate that the product is working by using our test strip before and 90 minutes after you supplement.

This is a choice that is best left to the doctor and the patient. We recommend testing before and 90 minutes after you first time supplementing with Berkeley Life. After that, individual providers and patients can determine a testing frequency that is best suited to help maximize patient compliance.

Remember that recent consumption of water or food can dilute saliva and may result in a false negative on your test strip. If no food and water have been consumed and the test strip still has not turned pink, it may point to an inadequate amount of oral bacteria. The oral microbiome helps convert nitrates to nitrite in the saliva, and without it, the conversion cannot be made. We recommend the patient asks their provider about steps that can be taken to help support oral microbiome.

We are making less and less Nitric Oxide as we get older, so it is important to continuously support Nitric Oxide every day through diet or supplementation.

We are making less and less Nitric Oxide as we get older, so it is important to continuously support Nitric Oxide every day through diet or supplementation.

Berkeley Life can be used successfully in combination with medications. We recommend talking to your provider to trial Nitric Oxide with your current medications before making any adjustment to your medication dose or frequency.

We can currently ship directly to patients in Canada. Otherwise, we do not ship internationally.

Reach out to [email protected] and we will help you find a provider in your area with a code you can use.

Berkeley Life supplements are made in the United States and our test strips are made in Europe.

While no industry standard has been set for what constitutes ‘clean-label’, Berkeley Life has taken many steps to ensure our formulations meet the highest healthcare practitioner expectations. In 2021, we revised our formulation to remove magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide with RIBUS clean label ingredients. We will continue to observe best practice with our current and future formulations.

Yes. The amount of soluble, or movable, level of oxalates in two capsules of Berkeley Life is just 0.7m per 2 capsule dose. For reference, a food item which is considered low oxalate contains between 5-9mg of oxalates.