nitric oxide benefits

How Can Nitric Oxide Help?

Nitric Oxide regulates circulation, which is fundamental to the function of all bodily systems. Symptoms often considered synonymous with aging may simply be signs that certain areas are not getting enough blood flow.

How Nitric Oxide Supports Whole-Body Health

In the late 1990s, Nobel-Prize-award-winning research revealed that Nitric Oxide (NO) acts as a critical signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system. This research was only the beginning of a waterfall of research on the importance of nitrates and Nitric Oxide on total-body health.

From the tops of our heads to the tips of our toes, blood flow is the key to oxygen and nutrient delivery throughout the body. That’s why restoring and maintaining adequate Nitric Oxide (NO) levels in the body is critical.

Without healthy blood flow, our systems and tissues suffer and lose function — putting the body at risk for a myriad of health problems.

Cognitive Health

Nitric Oxide supports normal cognitive function by increasing oxygen flow to the brain.

Eye Health

NO is shown to regulate intraocular pressure naturally and support overall eye health.

Gut Health

Nitric Oxide supports gastrointestinal function and helps maintain the gut microbial ecosystem.

Hormone Health

Nitric Oxide helps to regulate the release of hormones and maintain proper hormone balance.

Sexual Health

By improving circulation to sex organs, NO plays a critical role in sexual response and function.

Cardiovascular Health

Nitric Oxide is crucial in relaxing blood vessels and arteries to support strong heart function.

Immune Health

NO helps develop immune response to bacterial and viral threats and regulate inflammation.

Nitric Oxide Decreases Naturally as We Age

Nitric Oxide (NO) production rapidly declines after age 40, and continues to decline. However, dietary nitrates found in foods like beets and leafy greens, and in supplements like Berkeley Life, can help optimize NO production as we age.

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nitric oxide benefits
nitric oxide

Nitrates: The Best Path to Nitric Oxide Support

Berkeley Life is being recommended by top healthcare providers across the country. Our products and innovation are driven by industry experts who offer unique perspectives on NO and its applications in specific areas of patient care, including heart health, hormone balance, cognitive health, sexual function, and more.

Peer-reviewed research shows that dietary nitrates are a superior method of Nitric Oxide (NO) supplementation over arginine, citrulline, or nitrite. Given a healthy oral microbiome, nitrates can be converted into nitrite to support NO levels at all ages.

Dietary nitrates come from nitrate rich vegetables and beetroot – or in Berkeley Life’s easy dietary nitrate supplement. Dietary nitrates are converted to nitrite in our saliva, then used as needed by the body to create Nitric Oxide.

Products that supplement Nitric Oxide production through arginine and citrulline are supplementing through the Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS) pathway. Unfortunately, the NOS enzyme responsible for conversion is subject to uncoupling and can be easily rendered ineffective when subjected to stress, medications, poor diet, lack of exercise, and more. This breakdown in the NOS enzyme contributes to the loss of Nitric Oxide that we experience as we age.

Berkeley Life delivers dietary nitrates to support Nitric Oxide function. Dietary nitrates are a proven and reliable way to provide Nitric Oxide support independent of the NOS enzyme’s functionality.

A Foundation of Total Health

Berkeley Life Supplements feature a clinically effective, two capsule daily dose of quality dietary nitrates that are proven to support Nitric Oxide (NO) production to increase NO levels. Our products are backed by peer-reviewed clinical research – and we work with industry-leading clinicians who guide us in all areas of product development.

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Find answers by exploring our most frequently asked questions. For all FAQs, click the button below.

There is no expected risk to taking Berkeley Life.  No serious adverse events have been reported in any of our preclinical or clinical trials to date using the Berkeley Life capsules or Nitric Oxide Serum. 

Our general rule of thumb – if you are able to consume a leafy green salad, you can take Berkeley Life. Even patients with oxalate sensitivities are able to take Berkeley Life without issue.

Leafy greens, beetroot, arugula, spinach and celery are all vegetables known to be high in dietary nitrates. However, nutrient density of the soil across the country makes it difficult to predict exactly how much of these greens are required daily to provide a clinically effective dose of Nitric Oxide. In our experience, it requires more leafy greens than most people are willing to consume every day.

Like all supplements, everyone will feel a difference at different speeds. We have some patients who notice a difference right away, and some see benefits after using the product for about a month. However, you can validate that the product is working by using our test strip before and 90 minutes after you supplement.

We are making less and less Nitric Oxide as we get older, so it is important to continuously support Nitric Oxide every day through diet or supplementation. 

Can Berkeley Life be taken in combination with medications for blood pressure, erectile dysfunction etc?

Berkeley Life can be used successfully in combination with medications. We recommend talking to your provider to trial Nitric Oxide with your current medications before making any adjustment to your medication dose or frequency.