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Berkeley Life products are exclusively available through our nationwide network of practitioner partners. Our unwavering commitment is to support proactive healthcare professionals in seamlessly and profitably incorporating Nitric Oxide into their patient protocols, enabling them to deliver confident and effective care.

Maximize Patient Outcomes

We go the extra mile to ensure our partners’ success by offering comprehensive support, including staff training, patient education materials, and more. By simplifying the integration of our proven-effective products into clinical settings, we empower practitioners to optimize patient outcomes for those seeking longevity and healthy aging.

Expert Education

Receive ongoing education on all things Nitric Oxide: the latest research, benefits, and results.

Custom Support

Connect with a personal Nitric Oxide expert and access online resources anytime, anyplace.

Valuable Tools

Get set for success with our starter kit of product catalogs, test strips, and patient handouts.

Verifiable Results

Show patients visible, provable results with our patented Nitric Oxide level indicator test strips.

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Berkeley Life’s non-stocking option. We’ll provide you with a unique code to give to your patients so they can login and securely purchase directly on via your referral. Great for providers seeing patients remotely via telehealth.

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Our Products

nitric oxide foundation

Berkeley Life Foundation

Nitric Oxide support supplement. Potent dietary nitrates proven to boost NO levels in two capsules.

nitric oxide test

Berkeley Test

Nitric Oxide indicator test strips.
Patented, non-invasive, saliva-based tests that show results in 15 seconds.

nitric oxide serum

Nitric Oxide Serum

A skin serum for topical Nitric Oxide application.
Dual-pump serum for precise and immediate delivery of Nitric Oxide to the skin.


Find answers by exploring our most frequently asked questions. For all FAQs, click the button below.

There is no expected risk to taking Berkeley Life.  No serious adverse events have been reported in any of our preclinical or clinical trials to date using the Berkeley Life capsules or Nitric Oxide Serum. 

Our general rule of thumb – if you are able to consume a leafy green salad, you can take Berkeley Life. Even patients with oxalate sensitivities are able to take Berkeley Life without issue.

Leafy greens, beetroot, arugula, spinach and celery are all vegetables known to be high in dietary nitrates. However, nutrient density of the soil across the country makes it difficult to predict exactly how much of these greens are required daily to provide a clinically effective dose of Nitric Oxide. In our experience, it requires more leafy greens than most people are willing to consume every day.

Like all supplements, everyone will feel a difference at different speeds. We have some patients who notice a difference right away, and some see benefits after using the product for about a month. However, you can validate that the product is working by using our test strip before and 90 minutes after you supplement.

We are making less and less Nitric Oxide as we get older, so it is important to continuously support Nitric Oxide every day through diet or supplementation. 

Can Berkeley Life be taken in combination with medications for blood pressure, erectile dysfunction etc?

Berkeley Life can be used successfully in combination with medications. We recommend talking to your provider to trial Nitric Oxide with your current medications before making any adjustment to your medication dose or frequency.

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