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Berkeley Life Nitric Oxide Foundation provides a convenient, clinically effective, two-capsule daily dose of dietary nitrates to support Nitric Oxide production and sustain NO levels. Use the Nitric Oxide Foundation supplement with the daily Nitric Oxide Test Strips and the Prebiotic Chewing Gum for establishing baseline nitrate levels, measuring or and assessing oral microbiome health, and supporting Nitric Oxide repletion.

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Proprietary Nitrate Blend: A potent source of dietary nitrate is broken down in the body to form nitric oxide. Two of our capsules has the dietary nitrate equivalent of 7oz of beetroot.

Vitamin C: An essential vitamin and potent antioxidant, Vitamin C helps convert nitrite to nitric oxide.

Magnesium: A crucial mineral respected for its ability to relax blood vessels, sufficient magnesium intake is important for cardiovascular health.

Take two capsules once a day with water after food. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake unless under the direction of your physician. UUse with Berkeley Nitric Oxide Test Strips every day to establish nitrite levels and oral microbiome health.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Made without most allergens (milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy). Gluten and gelatin free.

Boosting Oxygen and Nutrient Delivery for Total Body Health

Increasing Nitric oxide levels via dietary nitrates provides sustainable whole-body benefits — starting with improved circulation of blood, oxygen, and vital nutrients throughout the body. Our proprietary dietary nitrate blend provides the plant-based bioequivalents of multiple daily doses of nitrate-rich leafy green vegetables or beetroot.

Supports Cardiovascular Health

Nitric Oxide supports healthy blood flow, heart function, blood pressure, and oxygen delivery.

Promotes Healthy Sexual Function

Improving NO levels can help support appropriate arousal response and healthy sexual function in men and women.

Sustains Gut Health

Science shows that adequate Nitric Oxide levels can help maintain gastrointestinal health.

All in One Easy, Daily Dose

Just two capsules of Berkeley Life Foundation is all that is needed for daily Nitric Oxide support.

What are Dietary Nitrates?

Dietary nitrates such as beet root and leafy greens are used by our bodies to create Nitric Oxide (NO). As we age and our naturally produced NO levels drop, consuming dietary nitrates gives our bodies what they need to continue producing Nitric Oxide. Dietary nitrates in food or supplementation are converted into nitrite in the mouth, and — once swallowed in the saliva — used to make Nitric Oxide as needed in the body. Two elements need to be present for this pathway to function: adequate amounts of the necessary oral bacteria and a consistent source of dietary nitrates.

Although NO levels can be improved through a nitrate-rich diet, modern eating habits and variable nutrient density of vegetables make a simple supplementation program like Berkeley Life’s an easier and more dependable solution

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