Building a Nitric Oxide Legacy

Berkeley Life started with a test strip, and a keen understanding of the amazing benefits of adequate Nitric Oxide in the body. Since 2016, we have added products and improved our offering to ensure that providers and patients have the industry’s best and most complete system for supporting adequate Nitric Oxide levels and setting up a foundation for total health.

Our vision is to leave behind a world where Nitric Oxide is seen to be as fundamental to everyday well-being as proper hydration and exercise. Our work is only beginning, but the impact has been profound.

The Global Impact of Giving Back

Berkeley Life is owned by Lifes2good, a family-owned business based in Galway, Ireland. In addition to growing innovative wellness brands, Lifes2good’s Foundation is dedicated to empowering and educating marginalized and underserved communities through strategic impact projects. As the Berkeley Life brand grows, a portion of our proceeds go to fund the Lifes2good Foundation’s work.

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A Mission Over 1500 Providers Strong

Berkeley Life is being recommended by top healthcare providers across the country. Our products and innovation are driven by industry experts who offer unique perspectives on NO and its applications in specific areas of patient care, including heart health, hormone balance, cognitive health, sexual function, and more. They offer broad backgrounds in Nitric Oxide science, as well as clinical experience incorporating Nitric Oxide into patient protocols.

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Mario Siervo, Professor, Curtin University, Perth

Professor Siervo is a clinical academic specialized in clinical nutrition and metabolic medicine. He has been awarded prestigious prices for his contribution to nutrition research by the Italian Nutrition Society (2008), British Nutrition Foundation (2013) and by the UK Nutrition Society (Julie Wallace Award 2017 and the 2021 Silver Medal for Excellence in Nutrition Research). He is currently leading a research lab specialized in nutrition and nitric oxide biology. His research aims to understand how targeted nutritional interventions modify nitric oxide (NO) availability and impact on cardiovascular and metabolic risk.

Chris Easton, PHD

Dr. Chris Easton has led research studies in the fields of applied exercise physiology, physical activity, and health for over ten years. He led the design, measurement and analysis of physical activity and fitness data in 17,000 children across eight different European countries when working on an integrated project funded by the European Commission ( to investigate the causes and possible interventions for the rising childhood obesity epidemic in Europe. Dr. Easton has extensive experience conducting exercise tests, training studies, and measuring physical activity and physiological outcomes in a wide-range of different populations including children, the elderly, clinical groups, sedentary adults, trained athletes and Olympic champions. risk.

Medical Advisory Board

Greg McKettrick, RPh

Greg McKettrick is a Compounding Pharmacist, Regional Director & Therapeutic Line Specialist for Revelation Pharma Corp. Greg is a graduate of Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan and has over 30 years of experience as a pharmacist. His experience working in Men’s Health and Sexual Wellness led him to develop his Penile Rehabilitation Protocol — a comprehensive treatment plan for men with sexual dysfunction. His Penile Rehabilitation Protocol is currently featured in a five-article series in the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding.

Greg works extensively with men suffering from erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence after treatment of prostate cancer and other medical conditions and consults patients from around the country. He also serves as the Men’s Hormone and Sexual Health Advisor to the BHRT Training Academy, and is on the Scientific Advisory Board for Berkeley Life.

Greg has established the Penile Rehab Protocol as a free resource to support men post-prostatectomy utilizing a combination of consultative services, pharmaceuticals, supplements, devices, and physical therapy.

Dr. Christopher Bump

Dr. Bump is a Berkeley Life partner, Nitric Oxide advocate, and trusted resource in the practitioner community. Dr. Bump has created a unique model of patient centered health care by integrating Functional Medicine and Structural Integrity. His practice philosophy includes integrating science- based alternative and integrative therapeutics, applied with a systems biology approach. He has over 35 years of experience in clinical nutrition and has earned numerous certifications and degrees along the way.

Dr. Haroldo Magarinos

Dr. Haroldo Magarinos, a Chilean dentist and patient-focused medical professional, holds expertise in Periodontics, Oral Medicine, and Surgical Implantology and has garnered extensive experience in preventive cures and naturopathy, with a specialization in Oral-GUT health and the human microbiome.

He is the co-founder and clinical director of Revolution Gut Health, an online platform offering counseling services to those interested in learning about and enhancing their microbiome-related health conditions.

Your Nitric Oxide Knowledge Base

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