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Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Mario Siervo, Professor, Curtin University, Perth

Chris Easton, PHD

Medical Advisory Board

Greg McKettrick, RPh

Greg McKettrick is a Compounding Pharmacist, Regional Director & Therapeutic Line Specialist for Revelation Pharma Corp. Greg is a graduate of Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan and has over 30 years of experience as a pharmacist. His experience working in Men’s Health and Sexual Wellness led him to develop his Penile Rehabilitation Protocol — a comprehensive treatment plan for men with sexual dysfunction. His Penile Rehabilitation Protocol is currently featured in a five-article series in the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding.

Greg works extensively with men suffering from erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence after treatment of prostate cancer and other medical conditions and consults patients from around the country. He also serves as the Men’s Hormone and Sexual Health Advisor to the BHRT Training Academy, and is on the Scientific Advisory Board for Berkeley Life.

Greg has established the Penile Rehab Protocol as a free resource to support men post-prostatectomy utilizing a combination of consultative services, pharmaceuticals, supplements, devices, and physical therapy.

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