Care at Scale

For many busy practitioners, dealing with product inventory can be overwhelming. Berkeley Life Direct eliminates inventory concerns by shipping our Nitric Oxide products directly from our warehouse — so patients can begin benefiting while practitioners focus on what matters most.

Personalized Patient Care Made Simple

Providers and patients can work on goals together, without the concern of checking in on product inventory and orders. With Berkeley Life Direct, we handle the shipping and support both patients and providers with helpful Nitric Oxide information.

Less Worries

No inventory, no problem. We ship directly to patients every weekday.

More Insights

Full visibility into patient orders via our convenient online portal provides crucial compliance insights.

Easy Ordering

Remote or re-ordering patients can order directly with Berkeley Life using their practitioner referral code.

Immediate Use

Wholesale practitioners are automatically enrolled into Berkeley Life Direct and can begin to refer patients right away.

Kind Words from Our Practitioner Partners

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