The Miracle Molecule

Nitric Oxide is hailed as “The Miracle Molecule” for its positive effect on vasodilation and circulation, and its beneficial impact on the health of every organ and system in the body.

Backed by Clinical Data — and a Nobel Prize

In the late 1990s, Nobel-Prize-award-winning research revealed that Nitric Oxide (NO) acts as a critical signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system. This research was only the beginning of a waterfall of research on the importance of nitrates and Nitric Oxide on total-body health.

Nitric Oxide can be re-introduced into the body through a nitrate-rich diet, but the realities of modern eating habits make simple supplementation programs — like Berkeley Life’s — a much more efficient and effective solution.


Nitric Oxide helps to relax the blood vessel walls, enhancing blood flow and overall health.

Oxygen Delivery

By increasing circulation and oxygen delivery to all the cells, NO supports all bodily systems.

Nutrient Delivery

Nitric Oxide assists in opening the body’s circulatory pathways to better deliver vital nutrients.

Toxin Removal

NO fuels antioxidant activity to shuttle away toxins and cellular waste, and offset inflammation.

Nitric Oxide Decreases Naturally as We Age

Nitric Oxide (NO) production rapidly declines after age 40, and continues to decline. However, dietary nitrates found in foods like beets and leafy greens, and in supplements like Berkeley Life, can help optimize NO production as we age.

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Nitrates: The Best Path to Nitric Oxide Support

Peer-reviewed research shows that nitrates — especially dietary nitrates — are a superior method of Nitric Oxide (NO) supplementation over arginine, citrulline, or nitrite. Given a healthy oral microbiome, nitrates can be converted into Nitric Oxide to support NO levels at all ages. 

Berkeley Life’s test strips can determine if the body is effectively converting nitrates into Nitric Oxide. Shop Nitric Oxide support and saliva test strips below.


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Remember that recent consumption of water or food can dilute saliva and may result in a false negative on your test strip. If no food and water have been consumed and the test strip still has not turned pink, it may point to an inadequate amount of oral bacteria. The oral microbiome helps convert nitrates to nitrite in the saliva, and without it, the conversion cannot be made. We recommend the patient asks their provider about steps that can be taken to help support oral microbiome.

There is no expected risk to taking Berkeley Life.  No serious adverse events have been reported for any o
f our products to date or in any of our clinical trials.

Our general rule of thumb – if you are able to consume a leafy green salad, you can take Berkeley Life. Even patients with oxalate sensitivities are able to take Berkeley Life without issue

We are making less and less Nitric Oxide as we get older, so it is important to continuously support Nitric Oxide every day through diet or supplementation.

We are making less and less Nitric Oxide as we get older, so it is important to continuously support Nitric Oxide every day through diet or supplementation.

Yes. The amount of soluble, or movable, level of oxalates in two capsules of Berkeley Life is just 0.7m per 2 capsule dose. For reference, a food item which is considered low oxalate contains between 5-9mg of oxalates.